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The Future of
Beck Bookman Library

We're working hard to turn the dream of renovating and expanding Beck Bookman Library into a reality. Check out our progress so far! Got ideas for what you'd like to see at Beck Bookman Library 2.0? We'd love to hear your ideas. Visit Amy at the library or visit with a FOBBL or library board member to share your ideas.

The Current

This is the footprint of Beck Bookman Library right now. Overcrowding, lack of programming space, and failing equipment are all concerns to address as we reimagine the space.

Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 1.48.52 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 1.49.07 PM.png

The Plan

After consulting with an architecture firm that specializes in reinvigorating library spaces, a new Beck Bookman was imagined.

The Vision

Watch this short video to see what we're imagining for the library.

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